Tennis Etiquette


In tennis, one not only shows consideration for one's partner and one's opponents, but also for those who are playing on the adjacent courts. Listed below are some of the rules of courtesy involved in tennis:

1. Do not walk across a court when a match is in progress, Wait until the point has been played, then walk behind the baseline to your court.

2. Do not talk or shout to a player while a game is in progress. Never talk to any player who is involved in a match until the match is over.

3. If a ball rolls into your court from an adjacent court, stop rallying (if you have not begun to play) and return the ball immediately to one of the people on the next court. If you are in the process of completing a point when the ball rolls through, either stop playing immediately, if the ball disturbs either you or your opponent, or return the ball as soon as the point has been completed.

4. When your opponent is serving and the point is over, if there are any balls on your side of the court, pick them up quickly and return them directly to your opponent.

5. If your opponent has served a fault, do not go after the ball. Wait until your opponent's second serve is over, since an interruption between the first and second serves will disturb your opponent's rhythm.

6. Do not keep up a sustained conversation on the court. It will not only bother your opponent, but also the people on the adjacent courts.

7. You are supposed to call all balls that bounce on your side of the net. If you are in doubt as to how to call the ball because you have not seen it clearly, you should give your opponent the benefit of the doubt or play the point over. Never call a ball on your opponent's side of the net unless your opponent asks you for help in deciding on how to call it.

8. It is better to err on calling "out" balls "in" than on calling "in" balls "out". If a ball has touched even a portion of the line, it is good.

9. When you have finished a practice set, always thank your opponent, whether you have won or lost In doubles, thank your partner as well as your opponents. In match play, shake hand with your partner and then with both opponents.

10. Never argue with your opponent If players cannot agree on the score, they may go back to the last score on which there was agreement and resume from that point.