BTC Ladder League

Similar to a ladder system, this self run program offers members a chance to organize matches between each other. It is opened to any player, beginner to advanced, as long as you have the ability to serve and the knowledge of counting points. It is a great way to meet other players of your caliber and other BTC members. 

Here is an overview:

  • Duration : June through September. 

  • All participants will be split in different houses of around 5 players of similar skills level.

  • Players must play every other player of their houses throughout the month. Out of respect for other players, please make sure to play all of your matches. 

  • Each player will receive the other players information at the beginning of each session. 

  • 8 games pro set format with a tiebreaker at 7-7

  • Each month, the top 2 performers in a house move up to the next house. Bottom 2 performers, move down one house. Third place finisher remains in that house for the next month. For the top pool, only the 2 bottom performers go down one pool. For the bottom pool, only the 2 top performers go up one pool. The other players remain in the pool. 

  • The winner of the match is responsible for uploading the results in Gametime within 24 hours

  • All matches should be played before the 29-30 of each month. 

  • Registration deadline : The 29th of each month. Players can join at anytime but will be added to the next month's schedule.

  • Register directly in Gametime at Choose "Tennis", "All ladders", select Men or Women and press "Join Ladder" or by sending an email to stating your interest.

  • For new members please provide your level of play by using the Tennis Canada Self-Rating guide. 

                           We wish every participant the best of luck and do not forget to have fun !


Match Play

June 1st to June 29th

Please submit results by

June 29th


Match Play

July 1st to July 30th

Please submit results by

July 30th


Match Play

August 1st to August 30th

Please submit results by

August 30th


Match Play

September 1st to September 29th

Please submit results by

September 29th