BTC House League

The BTC House League system returns this season.  Similar to a ladder system, this self run program offers members a chance to organize matches between each other.  All participants will be split in different houses of up to 5 players. 


Within their house, players receive every other players' email and phone number.  Throughout the month, a player must then organize one match against every other player in his/her house.  At the end of the month, players must submit their results to a monitor. 


The next month's houses are then reorganized according to the results of the previous month.  Top 2 performers in a house move up to the next house.  Bottom 2 performers in a house move down one house.  Third place finisher in a pool remains in that pool for the next month.  For the top pool, only the bottom two performers go down one pool.  The other players remain in the pool.  For the bottom pool, only the top two performers go up one pool.  The other players remain in the pool. 


All matches will be a pro set of tennis, so first player to win 8 games with a tiebreaker being played at 7 games all.  This system will allow you to experience a variety of matches with many different partners.  It is the perfect way to get to know new members and make new friends!

Sign up by sending an email to stating your interest and the men's or women's division you wish to play in.


Match Play

June 1st to June 29th

Please submit results by

June 29th


Match Play

July 1st to July 30th

Please submit results by

July 30th


Match Play

August 1st to August 30th

Please submit results by

August 30th


Match Play

September 1st to September 29th

Please submit results by

September 29th


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