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  1. Scheduled club activities take priority over individual play.  These activities will be scheduled in our booking system and visible to everyone.

  2. Court Restrictions: Court 1 is our teaching court and has priority for lessons at any time. All efforts will be made to reserve lessons in our calendar. If a booking is to be relocated to accommodate a lesson, communication to the booking member will be made in advance.  

  3. Sessions can be booked up to seven days in advance for up to one hour and a half at a time. (this may be modified as a result of Covid related restrictions).

  4. Courts will be immediately available for other players if you are absent 5 minutes past your scheduled time.

  5. Any open courts may be booked on a walk-on basis, in addition to the advance booking allowance. ​

  6. You may keep playing after your booked session if the court remains unoccupied.

  1. As a courtesy to fellow members, please take the time to cancel your booking at least 2 hours before your scheduled play time.  No-shows for booked courts will be monitored.  Repeat offenders will see their account suspended.

  2. When booking a court, the member is required to name all other players in order to prevent back to back bookings. 

  3. Our court booking system will be overseen by club monitors.  You can contact the club to reserve your court as an alternative.

  4. By using our booking system you acknowledge you have read and agree to comply with all our rules and regulations.

  5. Bookmark the mobile site URL to take our booking app with you on the courts:

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