NEW this year, the Blackburn Tennis Club will offer 4 weeks of full day camps for children aged between 6 and 13 years old.  Participants will be divided in groups based on their age and on their level of play.  Camps can be offered in both ENGLISH and FRENCH as all our staff is bilingual.

Full day camps run from Monday to Friday with the exception of holidays.  The official camp hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Additional hours are offered at no extra cost; early arrival time runs from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and late pickup time runs from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Click here for the camp flyer.  Click here for the french version of the camp flyer.

FIRST SESSION:         July 04 to July 07 (4 days)    

SECOND SESSION:     July 10 to July 14 (5 days)

THIRD SESSION:        July 17 to July 21 (5 days) 

FOURTH SESSION:     July 24 to July 28 (5 days)

FEES                                   4 day week                5 day week                                                        

Club Members:                     $165.00                     $205.00

Non-Members:                     $185.00                     $230.00

* The Blackburn Tennis Club provides a free subway lunch on Fridays.  

** Each camper will receive a camp T-shirt as a souvenir of their week.


1- 25% off membership to any junior who registers for the spring junior program (48.75$).


The full day camp's activities are divided into three main categories: on-court tennis instruction, afternoon swimming, and outdoor camp games.  There are three hours of on-court activities every morning and swimming at the bearbrook pool in the afternoon for three of the five days of the week.  On tuesday, water games will be organized such as water balloon fights.  An obstacle course and a treasure hunt will also be scheduled on the tuesday afternoon.  Outdoor activities will include any games from dodgeball, capture the flag to a friendly soccer game.  Theme days such as colour days will be organized throughout the week.  All of these different activities are included to appeal to the many different interests of our participants.  Therefore, arts & crafts stations as well as more relaxed activites will also be organized.  We then conclude the week with a singles and doubles tennis tournament on the Friday.  The Blackburn Tennis Club's first goal is to make these camps as FUN as possible for its campers.

Tennis Skills taught throughout the week are as follows:

Monday - Groundstrokes (forehand & backhand) + tennis scoring & etiquette

Tuesday - Serve 

Wednesday - Volleys 

Thursday - Signature Shots (Smash, Lob, Drop Shot . . .)

Friday - Singles Tournament in the morning & Doubles Tournament in the afternoon.

* Each day brings a review of the previous day's skills as well as 1 hour of match play.

If your child does not have a racket, we can provide him/her with one for the week!

For the full camp schedule, click here.


Blackburn Tennis Clubhouse - 2669 Innes Rd, Blackburn Hamlet, ON K1B 4L4

Emily Carr Middle Shcool - 2681 Innes Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 3J7  

Bearbrook Outdoor Pool - 2679 Innes Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 

* All camp activities to be held at one of these 3 locations or within the boundaries of Bearbrook Park.

** Morning drop-offs and afternoon pickups are at the entrance of Emily Carr Middle School.


Registration opens on March 20th and is ongoing until camp starts.  Availability is limited, so please register early.  Click here for the registration form.  French version, click here.

Registration Process

You may register through one of the following methods:

1- E-Transfer 

Send to: blackburntennisfinance@gmail.com

Send registration form by mail to Blackburn Tennis Club, c/o Barbara Nolen, 29 Woodview Cr., Ottawa K1B 3B1

Send registration form, as an attachment, by email to: blackburntennisclub@gmail.com.

2- By mail - Send payment (cheque) and registration form by mail to:

Blackburn Tennis Club, c/o Barbara Nolen, 29 Woodview Cr., Ottawa K1B 3B1

Send registration form, as an attachment, by email to: blackburntennisclub@gmail.com.

3- In person - (Clubhouse officially opens on April 22)

Bring payment and registration form to our Clubhouse - 2669 Innes Rd, Blackburn Hamlet, ON K1B 4L4.

* You will receive an email confirmation of your children's registration once the payment has been processed.

For more information, please contact us:


Phone: 613-824-0002 (As of May 01)                                                  

Email: blackburntennisclub@gmail.com

Mathieu Pauzé:

Cell: 613-222-3850 (Anytime)                                                                                                            

Email: mathieu.pauze@gmail.com